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I have been cruising the Forum and looking at various posts... I was surprised that there wasn't a category like this already started...

What are some of the most common modifications that people have made to their Kits... My Kit is (almost) on its way... Some modifications I am already thinking of...

  • A second Rack
  • Some sort of modification for hanging meats (probably the U-bold solution that someone suggested)
  • Addition of the BBQ Guru Vent Door that I will adopt someone to my iQue Temp Control
  • Some sort of modification so that its easy to add more Coals/Wood while smoking

On one of the pages I visited there was mention of someone modifying their kit so they had a door or something so they could add more Coals/Wood... I am hoping that someone can describe that...

Anyway, I am curious what changes people have made to their smokers...
I am really looking forward to experimenting with this project!


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The only modifying I do is changing the meat I cook on it. :D

Seriously though. It works perfect the way it is. I like to keep it simple and have it work the way it was designed. The only thing I did outside of the plans was to add casters to the bottom, but sometimes (mostly when I clean it) I wish I had not done that.


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The only thing I did to mine was add some red rtv between the intakes and the drum. Sealed up much better. Other than that, I don't think the kit needs any mods what so ever. It is a all around great smoking/grilling machine.


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I like the RTV Idea, Thanx!

My current plan is that I will probably add screws for a second rack when I build the kit...

I will probably add supports for Rods for hanging meat/fish/turkey when I actually need them (Not sure yet whether I'm going to use Eyebolts or Ubolts for this...)

I have a Craigslist post published looking for a Trashed Weber so I can add the Rim to the Drum (I already have a Weber and various additions to it that I might like to use with the smoker). I'll decide when I have the extra Weber bits whether to add the rim permanently or temporarily...
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The only thing I did outside of the plans was to add casters to the bottom, but sometimes (mostly when I clean it) I wish I had not done that.

I ran into an interesting solution you might like... While at a Hardware store to get the casters and stuff for my project, I found a small furniture mover; you know those carpet covered frames with 4 casters on them? its about 19-inches in it longest dimension (almost perfect). The drum (at least mine with no Kit installed yet) is very stable on it... I figure if I see any issues on the carpet because of heat I can remove the carpet... And if the whole thing doesn't work out as I like, well then I have the casters and bolts already then, don't I? Price was pretty cheap, actually less than I would have spent on the Hardware alone)

And the best thing is that its not permanently mounted and no extra holes in the Drum


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Another Mod I did to my Kit based on something I saw in another forum (lost the Link, I'll add it later if I find it again)...

For those of us using some sort of Fan Temp Control (The Guru or the IQue) or if you Always use the same set of probes...

You can permanently mount them by drilling the appropriate size holes near the Thermometer... Using the Hi-Temp aluminum tape to tape your probe next to the Thermometers probe... Then use Silicon tube (of the appropriate size) to insulate the probe wired from the Drum...

In the images below I have set up for two probes... My iQue (to control the Temp) and my BlueTherm that lets me manage my temps...


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I added a BBQ Guru Universal adapter, a lid with a Hunsaker Smokers exhaust with thermo mount, the soon to be patented "swamprb kettle lid flange" to use a Rotisserie and Weber lid, a Hunsaker Vortex Firebasket, an Old Smokey charcoal tray for a heat deflector to use with the BPS firebasket, some threaded lamp pipe nipples with caps for Guru probes..



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