Is $135 delivered a good price for a 'food grade drum'


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I was able to locate a food grade drum. $135 delivered to my house. It had apple syrup in it, but the syrup was in a plastic bag. The guy I called said it was 'food grade', but that it would need to be burned out. Can I burn it out in my backyard without generating a bunch of smoke and fumes for my neighbors? How hard is it to paint the outside? Do I have to sand it down or anything? Is this a good deal?


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Welcome sf, $135 sounds like mucho dollars for a used drum when you can buy a new unlined steel drum for around $85 from local oil and fuel supply companies. Food grade barrels usually have some sort of polymer lining which can be burned out, but takes time and also a lot of elbow grease to clean after. It's much easier to have it sand blasted inside and out. It's pretty easy to paint the outside, depending on how fancy you want to get with it. Use a high heat paint. Try to find a barrel re-cycler, metal scrapping yard or even craigs list in your local area. Something might turn up.

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That sounds pretty high to me. I just bought one locally for $20 that had soybean oil and Peanut oil in it.

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