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Rules of the Road

Hello and welcome to a great spot to learn, share and discuss the wonderful world of Drum Smoking!

First off, this is sponsored by Big Poppa Smokers.com, so please NO dealers or spamming. Secondly, these forums can get kinda nasty....the second and only rule is to play nice. That’s right-no spam and play nice.

This forum exists to share ideas, techniques, and creations.

A forum to exchange ideas and not debate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion-if it turns into someone forcing their opinion it will be quietly deleted with a suggestion to take it to private messaging if both parties want to continue.

Also, it is important that we understand that this is a global forum so please refrain from any political or religious conversations.

This is a commercial forum brought to you free of charge by Big Poppa Smokers. Feel free to discuss everything about any drum related product, just not where to buy it.
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