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Hi everyone. First-time poster here from Alberta, Canada and I have been getting the itch to try and build a UDS.

I’ve done a fair bit of reading on things and have a good idea of what I’d like to and am now sourcing parts. Finding a drum has been a bit trickier than I had thought. So I have a few questions:
1) what are your thoughts on the drum in the attached ad? If more information is required than what is in the description (ie: a polyeurothane material) than what sort of info should I be asking for? (There’s another ad selling one that previously held “eco-friendly cleaning materials, but wasn’t more specific).
The picture doesn’t seem to be uploading but here’s the ad text:
Have over 10 steel barrels with solid and removable lids. Barrels had polyurethane material. Are drained. Not good for potable water. Use for burn barrels, garbage, etc.

2) I don’t have a great location to do a big scorching barrel burn without possibly upsetting the neighbors, so I’m hoping to get it sandblasted. My impression is that I’d sandblast, rub with oil, then fire it up to season it. That sound right?
3) are lined drums easy to remove if you’re sandblasting? In which case, should I grab a lined one as a safer alternative?
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Hi jabostick, welcome to! I have two BPS UDS cookers. I traded for one and the other was a gift so I've never had to prep or build a UDS. I always felt if I did I'd go the sandblasting route as it's the least elbow grease and cleanest results way to go IMO.
Remember to post some pics!


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