Ribbed barrel w/ Big Poppa kit?


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Hey gang. I have been lurking here on the forums for a bit of time now, reading up and planning my UDS project. Last week I finally found someone with a food safe drum in good shape and made the hour and a half ride out to pick it up.

Unfortunately, the drum has ribs on the top and bottom half right where I'd imagine the handles and vents are suppose to go:


The handles are a 'nice to have' and I can live without them if I need to, but I'm concerned about the vents. There is 2.5 inches of flat area between the bottom lip and the 1st band of ribbing. Am I going to be able to fit the vents between them or am i SOL?

Sorry if this has come up before, but searching on 'ribs' on this forum turns up quite a few results :p


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It looks like there is enough room for the bottom vents before the ribs start. The vents might be a little closer to the bottom than where the drilling template places them, but not an issue if you don't let ash block them. You could also flatten a rib in an area big enough for the vents and handles with two sledge hammers. One on the inside of the barrel for a bucking bar and the other on the outside for a..well....hammer. ;-) It'd take two people, but easily done. When installing the bottom vents you'll want to seal them with high temperature silicone. It'll give you better air control and therefore better heat control of the drum, and also, the barrel surface doesn't have to be "perfect" where you place the vents. You can find it at most any auto parts supply store. It's red colored and food safe.
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