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Patience please with a newbie


New member
Okay. I just received my kit from BPS. If all goes well, I will be doing my first ever smoke (brisket) next weekend. I have a few questions and I hope you guys/gals can ease some anxiety.

1. Using kingsford briquettes, how much should I start with in the basket, and what is the proper way to light the coals?

2. Once lit, how do you get to the correct temp. (250 degrees)

3. As for wood, should I use chunks or chips and how is that set up in the basket.

4. Water pan or not?

Thanks in advance for the answers. Hopefully one day I will be able to share some knowledge with a newbie.


Staff member
Use one weber starter cube then open one vent uncovering 2 holes. Let the drum come to temp (one hour). Checking temps in 15 min intervals . After you use your drum a few times you will get better with this. The hardest is if the drum gets to hot. Harder to lower temps then raising
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