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Happy Post Thanksgiving Day Everyone!


New member
Well, another Thanksgiving under the belt. Literally. As always, a big family gathering for us with the usual and new culinary delights. Sweet taters, mashed taters and gravy, salads, stuffing, from scratch pumpkin, apple and cherry pies to mention a few. And again, the star of the show was the drum smoked turkey! Since I first assembled my drum smoker, the T-day turkey has been cooked in it. The 24 pounder that I cooked this year is only bones and memories. :D Sorry, no pictures. If you live in the PNW, you know the deluge of rain we've been having and I didn't want a steamed bird.
The reason for my post is to encourage all of you to give smoking a turkey in your drum smoker a try. The only regret that you'll have is that you hadn't tried it before.
When I first assembled my drum I put a second set of grill support screws below the original location at a spacing that allowed me to angle insert the grill to get past the first set of supports. This gives enough depth so a turkey will fit and there's room for heat and smoke circulation over the top of the turkey. Give it a shot.
Now get out there and do that Black Friday combat shopping thing!
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