Fattie In The Rain


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I thought I would make the most of this crap weather we have been having this weekend in Michigan and do a cook to see how my drum performs in the rain.
It was not bad. While the rain was coming down I had to open the intakes to about 1 hole a side in order to maintain 275 degrees. I did a field fix to keep the rain out of the exhaust. No big deal there.
The menu for the day was a fattie. I substituted ground pork with ground chuck, and stuffed it with fresh jalapenos and cream cheese. Of course it was wrapped in bacon.

First the chimney mod. Very complicated process.

rain mod.jpg

The fattie came out smelling and tasting great. Of course I used cherry wood. Still trying to burn through the bag I bought. Charcoal was Kingsford blue bag. Yep. I figured out how to make briquettes burn clean, and I was out of Frontier lump. Had no desire to run out to get some.


The filling actually tasted exactly how I was hoping it would. A bit on the rich side. I may not use the whole block of cream cheese next time. The jalapeno retained some crunch and heat, so I was happy. Not a bad Saturday lunch at any rate.


Keep on smokin gang!
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Fattie looks great. Chimney mod looks good also should work good on windy days also.How long did you cook or did you go to 165f IT will have to try with onion and bell peppers.
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