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BPS Restored Back to Life

BIG Poppa CT

New member
I just recently got over the intimidation factor/cluelessness of BBQ and jumped into it with my first 2 attempts being done in our standard oven (Baby Back Ribs & Brisket) . I got the bug and knew I needed a smoker but as a parent of 3 have so many other places for money to go. I was complaining about it to my close friend and he said dude I have my “old” BPS sitting on the side of the house just rusting away and my wife wants it gone, come get it and it’s yours, win/win! Here are some shots of where it was when I got it, during my restoration of fully dismantling sanding it down and cleaning and components, wiping the sanded barrel exterior down with Acetone and after lots of elbow grease bringing back to life with 2 coats of high-temp gloss black paint and re-assembling. I have ordered a new coal cage, temp gauge, nest hook and of course a BPS Mobile Command T-shirt. Open to comments, tips, tricks, mods etc.



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