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BPS done but lid is bent


New member
I purchased a re-conditioned drum which was in great shape but the lid doesn't fit flush on drum. Lid was attached to drum with a band. Could a bent lid be a problem?


New member
It will suck a little air when you try to snuff out your coals maybe but shouldn't be a big deal. Mine is warped a tad and I never had any issues at all.

Here is a place that sells seals and such. I never dealt with them but have heard others that have. BBQ Smoker Gasket Seals


New member
It's likely gotten bent from someone prying the lid off. Set it on a flat surface and see if its got a high side, put a 2x4 or something under it and gently persuade it back into shape.

As far as the dealing with BBQ Smoker Supply, I have, they are legit with fast service and great quality products.


New member
A lot of open top barrel lids have also been deformed by the band clamp that holds them on. I shaped a piece of oak to fit the grove where the lid gasket goes and using a hammer to drive the block in around the perimeter, reshaped the flattened areas. The lid fits much better, but the high temp. gaskets will be great for gettig a tighter fit. Thanks for posting about BBQ Supply, Swamprb!
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