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Beef Jerky


Staff member
Well... Here goes my first time making some jerky:
I decided to go with 3 different flavors: Spicy, BBQ, and Sweet teriyaki

First I cut the steak into small pieces and trimmed as much fat as possible (meat didn't have much fat)

I then marinated the meat in freezer size zip lock bags for a couple of hours

For the spicy jerky these are the ingredients I used (tapatio hot sauce, lemon pepper, chili flakes, and of course some little louies)


For the BBQ jerky these are the ingredients I used (Daigles Cajun Sweet Applewood Jalapeno and little louies)


For the Sweet Teriyaki I used (Teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, and the best of the best Sweet money)


I laid all the jerky on the dehydrator for about 4 hours then transferred it on the smoker to really get a smokey flavor (my family loves smoky flavor)


Finishing product:



When our customers ask for advice I always lead them to our BPS rubs but I always tell them, the best thing they can do is experiment. The worse that can happen is nothing! lucky for me the jerky was great!

Thanks for watching!
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