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  1. MojoHeadz Records. Brand New tech house music company.

    Mojoheadz’s LA-based label has been responsible for releases that have not only taken clubland by storm, but also the greater music universe. Music from LA | Mojoheadz Records
  2. Mojoheadz Records. Fresh dance music company.

    One of the rare record labels that releases music for strict use in DJ sets, Mojoheadz Records focuses on EDM styles. Mojoheadz Electro by Various Artists on TIDAL
  3. MojoHeadz Records. New house music company.

    Mojoheadz Recordings remains at the forefront of mind-expanding sounds. Even today, the imprint embraces the obscure and abstract just as passionately as it did in its formative years, never losing...
  4. MojoHeadz Records. New hard core music imprint.

    MojoHeadz Recordings, is a electronic dance music label that is set to make its mark on the world of edm music on its own terms....
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