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First Ever St. Louis Ribs!
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Thread: First Ever St. Louis Ribs!

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    First Ever St. Louis Ribs!

    I spent yesterday smoking St. Louis Style Ribs and getting to know my new Big Poppa Drum Smoker while watching some football. Previously, all of the ribs I have cooked were Baby Backs as I just did not know how to prepare a St. Louis Slab for a smoker. I followed the preparation instructions I found on a You Tube Video and was surprised how easy it turned-out to make a presentable slab.

    I used the Maverick Grill Probe placed toward the center of the grate to monitor temperature of the smoker and maintained the tempt between 230-250. I used Apple Wood Chunks on top of the coal basket. We applied a rub to the ribs on Saturday Evening and left them in the refrigerator overnight. I smoked them uncovered for 3 hours, covered them in foil for an hour and then sauced them uncovered for 30-40 minutes. As you can see in the picture I could not pick them up with tongs without them falling apart. I probably should not have put them into the foil.

    The final result! My wife and I both thought they were the best ribs we have ever eaten. Fall off the bone tender, yet you could taste the flavors from the meat, bark and sauce. I look forward to cooking ribs again soon!

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    looks good! Love smoked ribs!

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    First Ever St. Louis Ribs!

    Nice looking ribs! Great color on them too.

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    It wasn't the foil so much as it was the time in the foil. Cut your foil time in half with the scenario you supplied above. Check for tenderness.
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    They look delicious!

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    Very nice looking ribs. I smoked some St. Louis Style ribs for the first time and the same thing happened to me. I did 3 hours on the grate then 2 hours in foil. When i went to take them out of the foil a put back on the grate they started to fall apart. Like you said they were fantastic though.
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