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Steakhouse style burger
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Thread: Steakhouse style burger

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    Steakhouse style burger

    Today I made burgers based on a recipe I saw on Amazing Ribs. They turned out really good!
    I started with 3lbs of boneless beef short ribs, and removed the silverskin. I then coarsely ground it, and seasoned it with a mixture of fresh ground black pepper, fresh ground Himalayan pink salt, onion powder, and garlic powder.
    I then formed 8oz patties about 4" round and 3/4" thick. I took some bacon out to the BPS drum along with the burgers.

    I laid the burgers on the outer rim at 225 degrees, over a full basket of Kingsford Comp with four softball sized chunks of pecan. I smoked the bacon and burgers for about 20 minutes, turning once at 10 minutes. I pulled them at 120degrees.
    I then raised the basket, and opened the vents. Using a bit of water to control flare ups I finished the burgers and bacon at high heat, turning the burgers often until they were thoroughly browned. I toasted some sesame buns, lightly buttered them, and put a bit of Steak Sauce on my bottom bun, topped with Vine Tomatoes, the smoked bacon, muenster cheese, a few dill slices and a bit of lettuce.

    The burger was a hit. Myself and my older daughter felt the Pecan smoke level was good, my youngest found it a bit too smoky . The burger actually had a tiny smoke ring inside! very flavorful and juicy. I recommend it and will do it again.

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    Nice shots!

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    Really? 4 softball size chunks of pecan? You really like the smoke on thick. I doubt you'd appreciate a pellet cooker! lol
    That burger looks fabulous by the way! Super job. Try melting the cheese while on the meat and on the grill next time!
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