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Third Cook on drum; Pulled pork
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Thread: Third Cook on drum; Pulled pork

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    Third Cook on drum; Pulled pork

    Got up before dawn for the third cook. 2 pork shoulders, rubbed and into drum at 225-245 on dial. lump charcoal and apple chips..3plus hours and cooking. I am amazed how even at my novice level its so easy to control temp on this system! Illl post pics at completion.

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    9hrs at 225-245 pulled out of drum at 195

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    in cooler wrapped in foil until we were ready to eat. It tastes amazing! I don't think Ill ever use my 52" gas grill I used to be so proud of again!

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    Those are my wifes nails, I don't think I could pull off that color. lol

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