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Smoking Bread and other fun things
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Thread: Smoking Bread and other fun things

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    Post Smoking Bread and other fun things

    So I havent posted in a while, but I've definitely been lurking and enjoying all the pictures of your delicious foods.
    Along with the regular tri-tips, chicken, and ribs, I've continued with my smoking experiments.

    I've always wondered what smoked bread would be like, so I gave it a try. On Friday nights, the Jews have a tradition of making a bread called Challah. This Challah is normally a bit sweeter than regular bread and is always a crowd pleaser. I tried to take it to the next level by smoking a Challah. I made the dough (a nearly 4 hour ordeal), braided it, and placed it on a ceder plank. I also sauted onions and put them on top:

    At first, the dinner guests were reluctant to try smoked bread, but the whole loaf was devoured within 3 minutes once they tasted it. The smoking added a delicious crust to the bread.

    I also decided to try some Armadillo eggs. Pretty much started out by making ABTs but instead of bacon, encasing them in sausage meat. For cheese, I used a mix of ricotta, cream cheese, cheddar, and mozzarella. I covered the outside with olive oil and sprinkled money rub on them:

    My favorite thing to smoke is still Salmon. It is healthy and easy to make. I've been pushing the envelope on my salmon recipe by using balsamic glaze and rosemary:

    Cooked it so low and slow that the fats started oozing out:

    And today, I decided to try another bread. I went to the local grocery store, got herb and garlic pizza dough, rolled it out, put a layer of tomato sauce, cheese, and mushrooms, and rolled it up, and smoked it. AMAZING!:

    Thanks for reading

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    It all looks delicious!!

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    everything looks great, when I'm at comps we usually smoke biskets or grands with a sausage fatty for breakfast

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    nice work auxren

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    What Cowgirl said!!! Wow!
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    That challah looks looks as good as (or even better?) than Miki's.
    Emily agrees with me (for once) that it all looks so good. She said the smoked calzone looks like 500,000 calories lol.

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