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Thread: Brisket

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    This was my first attempt at brisket. It came out quite good. Started with a 7.20 lb. Costco brisket and trimmed away a bit of the fat cap. I rubbed it with yellow mustard, Jallelujah Bacon, Money and Happy Endings. Wrapped in plastic and rested overnight in the fridge. I hit it with a little extra Money in the morning just before throwing it in the drum.

    Brisket went in about 7:30 am.

    The drum cruised along at 195-205 deg. on the dial all day. One vent hole open about 1/3 of the way. I assume it was 230-240 in the center...

    It hit the stall at 147 deg. so I pulled it and foiled with a little apple juice. Back in and pulled at 199 deg. It took 10 hours to get to this point. Drained off some of the juices and wrapped back up and into a warm oven for a bit before slicing.

    Served with mashed potatoes, greeen salad, Texas toast, and some home made sauce with brisket drippings.

    For breakfast I pan fried some of the left over brisket in butter and Little Louie's. Served with eggs on Texas toast.

    Thanks for looking. Cheers!!

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    Very Nice! Brisket and eggs even better never thought of that.
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    what a nice looking brisket!

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    Well played! Looks delicious.

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    YUM!!! Even better to use it with eggs for breakfast.

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    Wow! Awesome looking brisky! And that breakfast looks killer!
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