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Ursula & ribs
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Thread: Ursula & ribs

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    Ursula & ribs

    if some of ya don't know me i like to cook and eat ribs. alot. i normally cook 2 - 5 racks a week. everyweek. so if you get tired of my ribs let me know. so, i took these pics w/ my phone because marley knocked me in the pool w/ my camera.

    "Ursula to the rescue"

    fired up the the basket.

    i like using pellet packets in my drum. its easy to get my smoke on. oak were burning today.

    loving these rubs.

    this is 4 hours later (never opened my lid once) time for sauce. i'm using pappys white lighting XXX sauce.

    put a 2nd coat on. look how shiney they are.

    nice and juicy.

    good bite to it.

    they were a tad spicy. you ever eat something and your lips burn a little. this is like that. milk to the rescue.

    thanks for looking. going to winco later to get some more spares.

    BREAKING NEWS: sparky has switched to spares ribs. i been cooking bb backs forever. my last few cooks have been w/ spares. the family love them. they do cook more evenly than the bb backs. i love the spares that meat man makes too. his look so good all the time. thats MM for all your ribs cooks. it makes me better. BP you had a hand it this to.
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    hahahahhah Im a spare guy too....great cook Look at how juicy they are!

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    I'm a spare rib girl! Yours look excellent Sparky!

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    Man those ribs look good Sparky!

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