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Carnitas Tacos (Smithfield Pork Butt)
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Thread: Carnitas Tacos (Smithfield Pork Butt)

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    Carnitas Tacos (Smithfield Pork Butt)

    Got this "disco" custom welded as a gift. Decided I didn't want to eat bbq this weekend so instead I made carnitas out of my Smithfield Pork butt.

    First I melted 2 packs of lard and threw in an onion and some jalapeņos for flavor.

    I then threw in the chopped pork butt pieces.

    Once the meat was half way cooked, I squeezed some fresh orange juice and sprinkled salt in the mix.

    While that was cooking I chopped onion, cilantro, limes, and made some green salsa to go along with the carnitas tacos!

    I then shredded the pork

    The tacos were DELICIOUS!

    Thanks for watching!

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    Christina this is the best post in a long time!!!!

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