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Brisket for 20,,,,
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Thread: Brisket for 20,,,,

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    Brisket for 20,,,,

    Did brisket for 20 this weekend on "Big Ugly". Gotta give a big thanks to "Getting Basted" for the white rabbit write up. I followed it pretty closely and the results were met with great approval by the guests.

    Here's one all injected and rubbed down

    Some naturally seasoned pee-can for smoke

    This is the basket I made up from what I had laying around. It works pretty well. I bought some expanded metal and plan to make a new basket someday,, but at the same time "if it ain't brooke". The can holds water to keep things moist. When it's just about out, I pour more in by sticking a PVC pipe in through the access hatch and pouring water through the pipe like a gutter.

    I left the igrill wifi meat probe in the kitchen and did this cook strictly by time and tenderness. This was tough for me, but I vowed to do this cook old school.

    "Big Ugly" doing her thing,,

    At 3 hours I wrapped in butcher paper. I did check temps while they were out and they were both in the 165 range.

    12 pounder (pre-trimmed )

    17 pounder ( pre-trimmed )

    And after a couple more hours,,,, the results,,,

    Bend test approved,,,,

    - Jason
    SCBA & KCBS Certified BBQ Judge

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    Looking good!

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    Very nice looking slice of heaven!!

    What white rabbit write-up are you referring to?
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    Nice looking brisket

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter View Post
    Very nice looking slice of heaven!!

    What white rabbit write-up are you referring to?
    - Jason
    SCBA & KCBS Certified BBQ Judge

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