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Carnivore Challenge,,,
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Thread: Carnivore Challenge,,,

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    Carnivore Challenge,,,

    Yesterday was my most ambitious drum smoke yet. I separated a brisket, and the money muscle out of a butt. Commercial rub on the flat,,, liberal salt & pepper on the point,,, butt was light commercial rub and injection,,,, over Royal Oak lump with cherry chunks. All in all it was a success. The flat turned out a bit dry,,, but the point was,,, well,,,,, on point!! I served the MM medallions as appetizers and let me tell you,, they never stood a chance!! The pulled pork was a hit. We supplied buns, but most everyone just ate a pile of pork. One guest told us today that the pork was so good, she just dug in and didn't even think about buns. The star of the show for me however was the blackberry cobbler I threw on the smoker once the meat was done. I had my doubts at first,,, but boy the mixture of smoke and grease drippings formed a masterpiece. Sadly, I forgot to get a pic of it.

    I thought I was going to have to use a second rack,, but it all fit on one.

    There's a reason it's call "Money" muscle.


    - Jason
    SCBA & KCBS Certified BBQ Judge

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    I must have missed the invite?? Great looking cook. That MM looks great!
    If you build it, they will come.

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    Does the separated money muscle finish around the same time as the rest of the butt? Nice job on the cook.

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    DrumDumb,,, I did send out invitations via smoke signals. Guess the wind delivered your invite elsewhere,,,,

    BabelBBQ,,,, the MM finishes off hours before the rest when seperated. I pulled it at around 195* and wrapped it in foil and rested it in a warm cooler until ready to serve.
    - Jason
    SCBA & KCBS Certified BBQ Judge

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    Carnivore Challenge,,,

    Dang look at that smoke ring!
    Nice looking eats there!

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    nice work really nice!

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    Wow that looks amazing!

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    Great meat medly!! All looks so good! Wish you would have got a shot of the cobbler!
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    A Drum full of some good looking food

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