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Braided pork tenderloin
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Thread: Braided pork tenderloin

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    Braided pork tenderloin

    Inspired by one of the first posts that I read on this forum


    I finally cooked a braided pork tenderloin.

    I was pretty sure my wife didn't want traditional BBQ flavors so I marinated in garlic, oil, lemon juice, lemon zest and fresh oregano.

    Salt, pepper and on the drum.

    250 until internal temp of 145.

    Served with farmers market tomatos, and fresh basil salad and asparagus.

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    nice and creative!

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    MAkes a great presentation! And those tomatoes and basil, oh my!
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    Thanks BP.

    And Scooter the tomatoes were great, we don't have a garden, but my wife planted oregano, basil, italian parsley and dill in a little rectangular planter. The basil is 2 foot tall with flowers, the dill even taller. So tomato and basil in going to be served often.

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    Looks delicious!

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