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FAQ's Of Drum Smoking
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Thread: FAQ's Of Drum Smoking

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    If you take a grinder and go around the outside lip of the drum, you will see a seam. once through the seam, you can use a screw driver and hammer and knock the top off easily. and doing so allows you to use the factory lid if you so choose. I did a quick google and saw pics of the process.
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    How long will 10-15 briquets last if looking for a 220 temp? I just bought the Big Smoker Kit and my first cook was 2 Tri Tips Roasts. I maust have used way to many briquets and lump. I couldn't get the temp under 350 to save my life. I guess I thought I needed a bunch for a 2 hour smoke.
    My next attempt will be a brisket and I know I will need to smoke that for several hours and I want to make sure I don't run out of fuel.

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    Ok this should be in a different thread. But you also can read the answer in this thread. You didn't put too many briquets you lit too many and probably had the lid open too long. Remember it is super easy to raise the temp but difficult to lower it. Start with less intake and be careful with the lid off.

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    I have a question, how do you deal with excessive moisture retention? I have tried a water pan. The humidity was so great that the black residue from the under side of the lid would drip on the meat. So I have not been using the water pan lately and am still having a problem with to much moisture. I can take the meat all the way to "wrap time" and my rub is still so wet that I can easily wipe it off. I am so frustrated! I have been pulling the meat off about 20 degrees early and putting them on a pellet grill to dry them out.

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