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Burn Time on Big Poppa Drum Smoker
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Thread: Burn Time on Big Poppa Drum Smoker

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    Burn Time on Big Poppa Drum Smoker

    Hello All. I am brand new to this forum, and I am sure this has probably been asked a thousand times, but here goes. I just built a homemade drum smoker and it works well. However it was an enormous amount of work with the liner burnout and all. After I built mine, I discovered Big Poppa Smokers Drum Kit. This would save me tons of time and hassle, (especially when I buy an UNLINED drum this time. Here is my question: The charcoal "nest" from Big Poppa's looks rather small. How long of a cook time can you get from it at say 250 degrees or so? I know mine will go 15 to 18 hours or so, but my basket is larger.

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    Burn Time on Big Poppa Drum Smoker

    Hi and welcome to the forum I know that I had a 19 hours burn at 230 - 250 and refilled after 15 hours, though I didn't have to I later discovered. It's cheep on fuel.

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    Burn Time on Big Poppa Drum Smoker

    I have done 12 hours at 225 with no problem and 50% of the coals were still good. So I would say at 250 you could get at least 13 maybe more.
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    Burn Time on Big Poppa Drum Smoker

    I had my BPS in the 230-250 range for over 15 hours last weekend. They are quite fuel efficient due to how well you can control the air flow.

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    Im not entirely sure how long my drum will last, because usually when I cook I do my best to put a full load of meat on it, so it takes a lot more energy to keep the heat up. I run a pitmaster iq110 on mine, and the temps are wickedly consistent. I get about 8 hours or so before I have to reload. Im sure the combination of a lot of meat and the forced draft drastically shortens my burn time.

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    Ok thanks y'all. I plan on making my next drum a Big Poppas drum. It's really a nice looking kit. I appreciate the input.

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    I just went 15 hours at 250...then started to tail off to 225 for about another hour. I'd guess with KB could do a little more if the ash doesn't build up in the basket. I'll be doing some long cooks with blue this summer.

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