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How much char coal
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Thread: How much char coal

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    How much char coal

    How much charcoal do I use when lighting the smoker up. How many pieces do I use in my chimney

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    I've been using a pretty full basket and filling the chimney up a little less than half way. If using brickettes 10-15 pieces.

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    How much char coal

    10 it is always easier to raise the drum temp then try to cool it down. Use ten or so and bring the drum up to the cooking temp you want slowly that way you have control. It usually takes me thirty minutes to get to temp and another thirty to let it settle in then it is time to cook.
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    How much I use in the basket depends on how long I plan to be cooking. I always start with 10-15 briqs in the chimney. Temp comes up slow and levels off easy.
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    Ditto. 10-12 briqs to start. Any more than that & I have to fight the temps down below 300*
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