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Highest acceptacle IT
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Thread: Highest acceptacle IT

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    Highest acceptacle IT

    Scored some tri tip and looking foward to cookin some on the drum. However my wife is not a big fan of rare meat. Does tri tip become dry and tough when cooked to higher internal temp? Should i pull at 140 IT, slice it, then let her nuke hers or can i cook to a higher internal temp? Kind of hard cookin a big chunk of meat for one who likes med/rare and another who likes med/well. What do ya'll suggest?

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    You should try to cook it brisket style like I do.

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    the drum is a wet cooker..what I mean is that i holds the meats humidity pretty darn well...the real answer here is to cook one at 140 and take hers up to 155

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    I think Big Poppas' idea is great, but if you only have one, maybe meet her in the middle and pull it at 145 - 150. Stay away from the microwave! You can also slice it and spread hers out on a cookie sheet and broil it for just a minute or two. Keep the door propped open and watch carefully. Another option would be to slice it and throw hers back on the drum for a few minutes for a quick sear while the coals are still hot. Regardless, I'm sure it'll be great. Good luck. Post pics.

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