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Best Smoking/Cooking book for Winter Read
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Thread: Best Smoking/Cooking book for Winter Read

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    Best Smoking/Cooking book for Winter Read

    I've learned a bunch here already, and will begin my drum project next week.

    As good as the web and forums are as information/recipe sources, I'd love to get recommendations on a "best" book or two for Winter reading as I contemplate my first drum cooking.

    The wind and snow are both blowing here today, so I'm all ready now to recline with a good smoker cooking book in my lap.

    Opinions, please with thanks in advance.
    Fr. Jeff+

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    I like Peace Love and BBQ to get started...Chris Lilly's book....wicked good has nice pics but Im not that fond of the results...

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    Good question, got me interested in a new read as well. To date my favorite is the BBQ cookbook by Americas test Kitchen which was a great resource for Weber kettle BBQ. Now that I have been cooking on my drum over the last month I decided to look into a new reference too. After some poking around on google I just ordered an Amazon used copy of "Smoke and Spice: Cooking with smoke", the reviews were solid and I will report back once I take a peek.
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    Big Bob Gibson BBQ Book - Chris Lilly
    BBQ Makes Everything Better - Chronister/Day
    Championship BBQ - Paul Kirk
    Smokin with Myron Mixon
    Peace, Love, BBQ - Mike Mills
    Big Time BBQ Cookbook - Ray Lampe
    Smoke and Spice - Jamison
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    I have searched high and low for what I think is the best books for learning and I have narrowed it down to three. IMHO!!!!
    1) Low and Slow: Master the art of Barbecue in 5 Easy Lessons. This is a great Starter book. Just get pass the "I'm better than you" attitude that is portrayed and you WILL learn something.
    2) Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book: Recipes and Secrets from a Legendary Barbecue Joint Great recipes and step by step instructions.
    3) The Barbecue! Bible Great hints ans recipes. You will not learn a lot about Low and Slow cooking but a good read anyway with great recipes.

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    I have to second Scooter's list, I have them all and I learned something from each one.
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