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Pro Music Rights founed by Jake P. Noch is a Fake
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Thread: Pro Music Rights founed by Jake P. Noch is a Fake

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    Pro Music Rights founed by Jake P. Noch is a Fake

    Jake P. Noch has been ruining artist's accounts for over three years! He illegally reports people’s songs for copyright infringement when he doesn’t own any rights to the music. Usually the people who have noticed how he is exploiting soundcloud and Spotify and have enough balls to speak up about it!!!

    I'm a respected producer in the music community. I produced for Rich Tha Kid, Famous Dex, Reggie Mills, SlimeDollaz, NGeeYL, I’m NOT SOME RANDOM LOW LEVEL PRODUCER and he was able to take every song off my page illegally. I had almost 800k plays in two years all from my own hard work and he took that away!

    40+ songs were taken down off my page AT THE SAME TIME mind you, by a guy named Jake Noch who is notorious for illegally taking down peoples music after they expose him for being a fake, fraud, and and autistic idiot!!!

    I dont know him and his fake "Pro Music Rights company"!!!! He’s never contacted me and I have no way to contact him. how am I supposed to sue him in court when he is a ghost? All his information on the internet is fake, nobody has any way of tracking him down.

    Jake P Noch / Pro Music Rights is Real Scam!!!

    On soundcloud forum is about 50 threads on this forum mentioning the same illegal activities from Jake Noch and Pro Music Rights.

    The evidence against him is 100% clear!!! Atention!!! Jake P Noch is a scammer and Pro Music Rights is Scam!!!

    JAKE NOCH illegal activities on soundcloud | SoundCloud Community
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