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Different techniques for cooking on a drum
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Thread: Different techniques for cooking on a drum

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    Different techniques for cooking on a drum

    The most basic is the 'smoke' slowly cooked at between 225-275 here is a brisket showing just a straight ahead smoke

    The straight high basket super sear ahi pictured here

    then the reverse sear...or fire basket low and temps low...then finished with fire basket up and high heat sear finish New yorks here

    and fire basket high uncovered and fire rockin....this is super super hot

    The reverse indirect sear
    fire basket low and temp between 225-275 until you hit about 110 flip when you hit within 10 degrees of final temp remove and rest the food and open the drum and let the coals ignite totally then sear for about two minutes a side
    pork chops here

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    BP, I love technique posts, thanks so much. How about some YouTube vids featuring the drum? (In all your free time.. lol)

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    Re: Different techniques for cooking on a drum

    When doing reverse searing, how long does it take the coals to come up to two for the sear? Should I start a full basket for the cook?

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    I use ful baskets all the time...but I have a ton of experience on them it is about how many you light. ON the reverse sear it does not take more than about 5-7 minutes to get a good searing heat

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    I cooked at 225 degree temperature but my turkey didnt cooked so well.

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    Great results, thank you for sharing - that inspires us a lot!

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    Wow! Awesome post here. You worked so hard to present this nice post. I can not but be grateful to you.

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    I use full baskets all the time!... regards

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    Now I want Pork Chops. Great Post.

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    Here to,always have a full basket. When u r done cooking,close all vents and it shuts down in know time.
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