While working on finding a drum for my smoker, decided to experiment with a new rub for some chicken thighs I tossed on the Weber kettle earlier tonight, thought I'd share. Simple but pretty effective!

1 TSB Garlic Salt
1 TBSP Lemon Pepper
1 TBSP Rosemary powder*
2 Bay Leaves

Combine in a spice grinder until the bay leaves are powdered. Yields enough dust for at least a dozen thighs.

*I made my own rosemary powder by plucking the leaves from about 5 long sprigs out of my garden (maybe a quarter cup total). I microwaved them on a plate for 90 seconds and the leaves came out toasty and crisp... a single leaf would snap if bent into a horseshoe shape between two fingers. Then I just ran them though a food mill until powdered. Makes for an awesome secret ingredient for pork rub, too!