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Thread: New Big Poppa's Drum Smoker Owner

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    New Big Poppa's Drum Smoker Owner

    hey guys - my wife got me a Big Poppa's Drum Smoker kit and I just finished putting it together last night, with the exception of a few missing nuts and bolts from my wheel kit. I'm really excited to use it this weekend but I had a few questions on using it for everyday grilling. I know I have the lower hooks and the higher hooks for the charcoal nest, but when should I use the lower one and when should I use the higher one?

    Should I place the charcoal nest on the higher level when grilling burgers/dogs/brauts/chicken breast etc? and then use the lower level when slow cooking?

    Thanks in advanced


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    Yes, exactly right!
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    You will find out they are very useful

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