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Foil liner for drum cookers
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Thread: Foil liner for drum cookers

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    Foil liner for drum cookers

    This has always been a challenge getting a good fit to adding a foil cover for the bottom of my drums. I figured out a very quick and easy way to get a perfect fitting for a foil liner on the bottom of my drums.

    Flip the drum over to find, at waist height I might add, an exact template for your foil liner!

    Grab two pieces of heavy duty food service foil about 30" long each (Or you can get creative and use less). Fold the long edge over a couple times and press down for a tight seal.

    Press down into the bottom of the drum. (The rocks are because it was windy this day)

    Trim off the extra.

    Flip the drum back over and place your fitted foil liner on the bottom.

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