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Firebasket with solid sides
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Thread: Firebasket with solid sides

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    Firebasket with solid sides

    Ive seen some pictures of firebaskets with solid steel sides and a mesh bottom. Anyone have thoughts as to what the advantage of that could be? My only thought is it forces the heat to move from the bottom of the basket up as opposed to pulling air from anyplace on the side it can. But does it actually make a difference?

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    Maybe a slower burn as well, but not sure.

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    take a look at the PBC's. the basket is solid. I've got a couple Hunsaker Smokers Vortex Firebaskets and they are solid steel. The new Gateway baskets are solid. I've got a square 12x12x12 basket made out of perf steel. all you need is a bottom that allows the ashes to fall through.
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