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Is it me?
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Thread: Is it me?

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    Is it me?

    I'm having a hard time keeping my temperature low. Even when I keep everything shut down it stays high. I know it is because heat rises and the meat is above the coals. Is there any idea of how much charcoal I should use? Today I am doing 2 whole chickens at 350 degrees so it won't be a problem but I tried ribs yesterday and it was way too hot.

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    in a word it is you. Not uncomon.

    Heat is a combination of how many coals you light and how much air you let in. but a blanket on a fire and it goes out. Close all the vents on the drum and the fire goes out. light fewer coals and have the intake closed down even more. Where do you have the intake set when you are trying to cook low?

    Also a big one is people taking the lid off and being casual about it....leaving it open. the coals ignite and you can bring charcoal up quickly it takes forever to slow i down.

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    Sometimes the bend of your drum and the curve of the vents aren't a perfect match so air can creep in between the drum and your vents causing the phenomenon you described. A little bead of high temp silicone sealant along the inside oval where the four holes you drilled will fix it. I have two drums. My first had no issues, the second one did. A tiny bead of high temp sealant did the trick.
    Let me know if you'd like a picture of what I'm describing and I'll post it.
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    BP and Scooter nailed it. All I will add is it is easier to raise the temp then lower it. I have run both our drums as low as 200 for hours

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    Don't fight your drums, because you won't win. If it wants to run a little hot (or cold) that day, let it!

    Look at the stack, you want to draw a steady stream of air through your can. Give it as little intake as possible to accomplish this draw and let it lock on a temp. After that it is what it is.

    That is the beauty of can cooking. It's never the same cook twice!

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