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Sweet Money and Double Secret Steak Rub
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Thread: Sweet Money and Double Secret Steak Rub

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    Sweet Money and Double Secret Steak Rub


    My wife and I love Big Poppa's Sweet Money and The Double Secret Steak Rub. I just placed an order for a 14oz bottle of Sweet Money and for 5 lbs of the Steak Rub.

    What other BP Rubs have you found to be just killer flavor enhancers?


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    Desert Gold is always in the front of my spice cabinet. Jalapeno season salt, Little Louie's w/pepper
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    Yep they are all good for a variety of different things, I use desert gold on burgers, and use sweet money or money with happy ending on tri tip and we also use the jalapeno on pork loins. Just depends on your tastes.

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