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    Hi everyone,
    couple questions regarding the type/brand of charcoal you use..

    I have used Kingsford charcoal......found the "charcoal" taste to be overwhelming so I switched to Kingsford hardwood lump, much better flavor, but having a hard time finding it on a regular basis. Switched to burning sticks/wood in my kettle...works ok, but constant work/reloading the fire. Now I'm ordering a BPS and have found a local supplier of charcoal and smoking wood. I've read the reviews on nakedwhiz.com, just wondering if anyone has a specific brand they like or don't like and for what reasons.

    the supplier I'll be dealing with has a site with the brands he carries. Not sure if he or anyone else from my neck of the woods is on this forum, but if there are...give the site a look! I've been in contact with him and I was impressed with the service and the time he took to explain things to me. (nice to finally deal with a business that understands customer service!)
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    hello redline. I use lump mesquite for long cooks, kingsford comp for short hot cooks and logs of red oak now for trip cooks. when using the oak I don't add any smoking chunks to it. when cooking pork I add a few good sized chunks of apple, if it's beef I use chunks of pecan. I

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    get 15hr cooks no problem without adding more fuel. good luck with your bps!

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    I use Royal Oak lump when I am doing short, hot cooks like chicken. On long cooks, I like Stubbs briquettes but sometimes they are not available or the price of Kingsford blue bag is just too low to pass up. I have never had a flavor issue with KBB as long as I wait for thin blue smoke to start cooking. My main complaint with KBB is how much ash it produces. I often have to shake the basket during long cooks to dislodge the ash.
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    I use K blue for everything except short hot. Have never tasted the charcoal, ever. I buy it on Memorial Day or 4th of July when the price dips to about .24 cents/lb and buy 500lbs which lasts me the entire year.
    Use hardwood briquets for short n hot.
    K comp is good but like you said, is hard to find. It's only available in the summer time at my local Costco.
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