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Drums in San Jose, CA & San Francisco Bay area
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Thread: Drums in San Jose, CA & San Francisco Bay area

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    Drums in San Jose, CA & San Francisco Bay area

    I've just begun a search so will add what I find as I go. Waiting for some calls / emails to be returned. Feel free to add if others in NorCal have any knowledge or luck!

    Update: a contractor friend secured a food grade drum for me -- he won't tell me how much it was (I think they're holding out for some ribs... hehe) but it carries a label for "Industrial Container Services" out of Montebello, CA. 1-800-273-3787. A quick Google search brought up: http://www.iconserv.com/ Apparently they have locations all over the US and specialize in recycling all sorts of containers. Probably worth a look or a call to see if there's one in your area: http://www.iconserv.com/company/location.html


    11/5/12 Alternative Solutions has been running ads on Craigslist for some time selling a variety of drums including open head with lid for $27 to $29 (depending on the ad you open). Called and spoke to Matt who confirmed they were all red-liner units. 408-879-9062


    Metal Supermarkets
    METAL SUPERMARKETS - Buy Metal Online - Small Quantity Orders for Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, Cold Rolled Steel for Delivery or Local Pickup
    55 Gallon Open Head Steel (brand new) -- $314.50 quoted on 8/17/12 (undelivered) Ouch!


    Earth Minded
    EarthMinded Steel Drum - Open Head
    CMS, LLC - Bay Area
    21301 Cloud Way
    Hayward, CA 94545-1216
    Client Services: 1-800-406-9377
    New and Reconditioned available
    Request for quote denied, apparently only corporate customers.


    Metal Barrels with Lids | Drums & Barrels for Sale
    Website claims they are selling food grade barrels each only used once, $70 each
    Pictures show lids without bungs, ring & bolt included, red liners (sandblasting / multi-burnout required)
    Website states free shipping in CA, call if from out of state
    INFO UNCONFIRMED Did get a note back, the guy asked me to call his cell, which is on the site.
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