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Thread: Drums in Portland, OR

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    Drums in Portland, OR

    The only place that I could find to get a new or re-conditioned drum in or around Portland was here:


    I was quoted $85 for a new one and $60 for a re-conditioned drum. I'm going with a new one for the extra $25 bucks!

    Happy smoking!


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    +1 for Myers Container. I got the reconditioned barrel for $60. Colt45, did yours have the gasket attached? Their basic reconditioned drum includes it, but it came off with a bit of elbow grease. The glue comes off with paint thinner (Tolulene).

    They say their stock black paint job can handle the high temps involved in smoking. If the peint peels, I'll just get out the rattle can. Either way, I think it's a great deal.

    -James the Wierder
    Clackastan, Oregon

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    Drums in Portland, OR

    I'm going to buy a new unlined drum from Myers. Did you guys have to do anything to the inside or is it truly unlined?


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    Salem, OR
    Found used food-grade drums at Rickreal bargain Center (near Salem). $35. Had it sandblaster at Salem Powdercoat for $40. $75 for a ready to paint drum.
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    i can get my hands on some raw unpainted never used drums, these drums are consider waste material for a drum manufacturer. Some drums fail a leak test right before the painting process or others have 4 small cuts at the bottoms for a curl test. They vary some may have 3 rings or two rings around them and also the tickles of the material will vary of course I'm around the Montclair California area.Drums in Portland, OR-image-jpg

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    @Pit guy

    It might be too late... But, give us a call or stop by our plant in Ontario. B. Stephen Cooperage (909) 591-2929

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