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Bubba's Barrels now supplying pre-drilled drums!
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Thread: Bubba's Barrels now supplying pre-drilled drums!

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    Bubba's Barrels now supplying pre-drilled drums!

    Hi there, Drum Smokers!

    We've now got a deal worked out with Bubba's Barrels where they will be able to handle orders for food grade 55 gallon drums, but not to be outdone they will now offer the kits along with a service to pre-drill drums to save the work of doing it yourself!

    Check them out at:

    Big Poppa Smokers | Bubba's Barrels

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    that place is like 15 minutes from me and i never knew it hmmmm.

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    I was presently surprised when I called last week to check on my barrels status was when they informed me that they also assemble the parts to the drum after the holes are drilled........sweet.......off the pellet and on to smoking

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