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American Royal 2015
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Thread: American Royal 2015

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    American Royal 2015

    This is a drum smoking forum so I'm going to brag on some drum teams.

    Firstly, congrats to Loren and Cheryl of The Smoking Hills for a dominating win in The Invitational cooking on Gateway Drum Smokers. He really has those things dialed in.

    On the second day at The Open, Steve and Kathy Nelson of Grills Gone Wild Iowa, we're equally dominant. The amazing thing is they decided to leave their normal cooker at home and ran on a couple of cans! Congrats and much respect.

    The trashcan cooking revolution (or evolution) is here and I am excited to be a part of it!

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    yep it was a great showing....I didnt do too bad either...hahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    yep it was a great showing....I didnt do too bad either...hahahaha
    Hahaha! Yep, you had a great day, but I figured it came off your Ole Hickory! Congrats either way and good luck in Bentonville!

    I got hit with the curse of the side dishes. I should have let my wife cook the meats too and stayed in bed!

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