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Big poppa install query
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Thread: Big poppa install query

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    Big poppa install query

    Howdy from australia.
    Built my BPS today, but had a couple of isssues. 3 noobish questions:

    1: I was using the youtube install video, and when it came to the grill bolts, I could have sworn it said to install three at even intervals, and after reading the manual it clearly states 4. My fault no doubt.
    It does make the grill a little unstable, so I put the 4th bolt in between two, and will get two more tomorrow to put around the barrel to be symmetrical, so 6 grill bolts. Is having two extra holes drilled (despite them having screws and nuts on ) going to be much of a problem?

    2: the handle for the lid was quite bent, so the holes i drilled dont match up. If I drill another hole to match the bent handle, should I plug the first hole with something or is it too little to care about?

    3. The thermometer didn't have the included washer and nut, and Australian thread seems to be different to USA ones so a local nut wont work. On top of that I think the thermometer is a bit dicey.
    Any recomendations for another thermometer to replace the original that will fit that 3/4inch hole well?

    Many thanks!!!!

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    smelt, if you email this directly to BPS you'll get a quicker response with the thermo, etc. As for your lid handle, the extra bolt hole won't affect much, but if you wanted, just put a bolt and nut in the extra hole to seal it, or bend the handle straight again(that would be my option). No effect on the extra bolts for the grill.

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    Big poppa install query

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