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Thread: Build Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwdmccarty View Post
    I am about to build my smoker this weekend. Any tips on cutting the top off?
    answered in the other thread you posted in as well.
    If I could I would. If I don't, it's because I am lazy!

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    Was getting things ready for my second round of actually cooking things...

    When I discovered (literally) roughly a gallon of water in the bottom of my Drum!!!

    Now, I will admit that I didn't clean up after the last (TriTip) cooking... I just shut down all the vents... Waited for things to cool off... Then covered the Drum with a (couple of years old, but its not crispy yet) Cover (I think its the cover from my retired MasterBuilt... Sort of a coated Nylon thing). And walked away...

    A week later....

    Yes, we had at least one rainy day... And there's been Tropical Storms off of Baja which always throws moisture our way...

    And my neighbor likes to water my yard (overspray) when he waters his (although I think that the Drum should have been "out of range"...

    But a Gallon?

    So my plan this week is to make sure the lid is down "hard" (mine can stick, so Hard is actually possible...
    Should I also put like a plastic garbage bag over the drum before I cover it with the "more official" Grill Cover?

    I am truly mystified... I would not have been surprised for things to be moist inside... But not what I found!

    Any other advice?

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