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08-15-2013, 06:58 AM
Who has the new Ash Catcher from BPS?

How did the assembly go? How has it been working for you? I always like to get feedback on these products so we can make improvements in the future.


08-15-2013, 08:08 PM
It looks slick! Cool detachable design also.

08-21-2013, 05:09 PM
I put my ash catcher together this past weekend and I am very happy with it.

It is a well thought out design and was very easy to put together. I haven't had the chance to really try it out yet but I will report back once I do.

08-22-2013, 06:15 AM
Great! I'd love to hear more about how it goes for you. Especially the unloading.

08-24-2013, 08:56 PM
So today before I cooked some Ribs and Chicken I got a chance to unload the ash and I can honestly say that it was money well spent.

The process of unloading was quick and in fact it felt almost to easy.

I had a decent amount of ash from my previous cook left in there and all of it ended up in the catcher. I just lifted the basket out and dumped it right into the trash.

It worked perfectly. I am very new to smoking (I am still learning how to control drum temp and keep the pit from overshooting) and the drum kit plus all of the accessories have made it so easy to get started for much less money. You guys have to keep on innovating because everything that you come up with is gold.

Big Poppa
08-25-2013, 03:59 AM
ok the biggest advice I can give you is to take you time with the temp light fewer coals...start with less vents than you are using and try to keep the lid on as much as you can

08-25-2013, 12:15 PM
Thanks for the tips Big Poppa I appreciate it. I will let you know how the next cook goes.

08-28-2013, 06:19 AM
I just gave one to my brother-in-law...(I almost kept it for myself!)...once he get's things up and running, I'll post some pics.

Chili Head
08-28-2013, 12:56 PM
My take on the ash catcher.
It took a whole two minutes to drill the holes and assemble. Super easy!
Emptying it is easy too. The hardest part is lining the hooks up properly on the coal basket.

One dumped place it back into the drum with the basket so you can get it centered to prevent spill over when the ash falls.


It dose'nt get much easier than that!

08-28-2013, 01:38 PM
So, you don't leave it hooked onto the basket while it's in the drum?

08-28-2013, 02:00 PM
I leave it hooked to the basket all the time.

Chili Head
08-28-2013, 05:42 PM
No I don't. It's easier for me to fill the basket if the tray isn't attached. I can fill it outside the drum.

08-29-2013, 06:10 AM
ok, I gotcha Chili, that makes sense. I think I usually just lift it up to the top level to load it up.