View Full Version : Hot and Cold Smoking with James Beard Winning Chef Jimmy Schmidt

Big Poppa
01-21-2013, 06:20 AM
Jimmy Schmidt is one of the greatest chefs in the country. He has won just about every culinary award there is including the James Beard award. For some crazy reason we get together and cook and I sort of iron chef both of us. I get more out of it than he does. I sent jimmy some drum kits and he has dove into smoking. Here is the dinner that we made Parmesan Crusted MAK Smoked Mushrooms with chives and topped with smoked and grilled Maui Onions, Money Cold Smoked Heirloom tomato basil salad with MAk cold smoked pistachios, Desert gold pan fried brussel sprouts,BIG Poppa's Jalapeno Mashed Yukon Gold taters and Big Poppa Strube Ranch reverse seared New York Steaks
Lets start
BP Drum smoked pecan pellets Asian Sweet and spicy wings with Macadamia nuts
Jimmy dish Money dusted Shitake, Portabello, and white mushrooms with a light olive oil drizzle hot smoked on the MAK Four Star
Big Poppa's Jalapeno Mashed Potatoes. These were a first time dish and they were superb. Smoked the jalapenos with light dusting of my Jalalujah maple bacon rub and olive oil. When soft I pureed the Jalapeno and added it to the melted butter and floded it into the mashed potatoes. Try this...really great.
Big Poppa Seasoned Garlic Salt with the prototype Packa peppa rub Smoked on the MAK Four Star and then seared on the BPS drum

Jimmys Money and olive oile drizzled heirloom tomatoes for a great salad In the MAK 2 Star with the new cold smoking box

Jimmy did some secret stuff to these pistachios and cold smoked the in the MAk two star in the new cold smoking box. These topped the salad

Here is Jimmy's completed Cold Smoked Heirloom Basil salad. The basil was chopped into small strips and folded into chopped romaine and the dressing was tossed into a very subtle vinegarette

Here is Jimmy's Parmesan chive crusted Smoked Mushroom medley with Mak smoked and drum seared Maui Onions

I hated brussel sprouts....I dont anymore Thanks Jimmy!

Here is the plated goodness. Thank you so much Jimmy. Keep in mind he had no idea what he was going to cook I had four bags from the market and said "dig in!" It is such a great honor to get to share the smokers with such a wonderful cook.

01-21-2013, 06:29 AM
Wow, i would have loved to be there to enjoy some of that fine cooking.