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  1. drum questions
  2. ok, now what?
  3. my 1st UDS
  4. the birth of Ursula
  5. Drum Dolly's
  6. Three Questions Before my Build
  7. Charcoal basket
  8. Finally I'm a Drum Smoker
  9. New here
  10. Look what arrived today! Turned a gloomy rainy Monday into BAM!
  11. Took the BPS kit plunge tonight
  12. How to Stencil Paint a Logo on UDS
  13. BPS Bottom Vents
  14. Fancy Ash Pan
  15. Found a Goof in My Kit Build
  16. Not selling drums or drum accessories on Big Poppa's?
  17. Painting the drum
  18. Drum Kit
  19. Eds kit came ups today
  20. New drum build WIP
  21. OK, More drum questions
  22. Newb here. Stupid question alert.
  23. Additional cooking levels?
  24. SS Barrel Came Yesterday
  25. ash pan??
  26. First Serious Cook on The New SS BOS EDS
  27. Just ordered my BPS Drum Kit!!!
  28. Just finished my smoker!
  29. Lid with bung holes
  30. Thermometer Trouble???
  31. Smoking time on full load lump?
  32. Drum Question
  33. Just Placed My Order
  34. To burn or not to burn
  35. warped lid
  36. heat shield
  37. Rookie looking for help..
  38. High Temp Powder Coat
  39. Big Poppa EDS finished
  40. Got a drum and Kit comes in tomorrow
  41. Air Inlet question
  42. Finished drum kit
  43. My BPS is done and ready to go!
  44. BPS Ash Catcher
  45. Ordered my kit today!
  46. Finally got my kit! Vent question
  47. Hi Temp problems.
  48. Heat diffuser?
  49. My BPS Build
  50. Darn UPS!
  51. My Big Poppa Project Pictures
  52. Place my BPS drum kit order!!
  53. Need Instructions
  54. My new BPS build
  55. BPS first weekend cook w/food pics
  56. Lid Gasket Removal?
  57. Paint over?
  58. Best way to add coals/wood?
  59. Looking for a cover for my new BPS
  60. Help with painting.
  61. Picture of my just built smoker.
  62. Closed head drum ??
  63. Charcoal basket
  64. NOOB: Drum Kit Prep?
  65. Major Dilemma
  66. Closed top drum conversion
  67. Smoker Kit
  68. Vent Problem
  69. Charcoal basket question
  70. drum prep
  71. WTH happened to my drum?
  72. Finally got the BPS put together!
  73. BPS Heat Diffuser
  74. Specifics on buying my drum....
  75. My first build
  76. Order placed, can't wait.....need some help
  77. Removing paint
  78. First build is complete
  79. Helluva time keeping temps down
  80. Cleaning and easoning your smoker
  81. Maverick ET-733 question
  82. Barrels and sandblasting in Dallas area?
  83. Is there a secret for drilling?
  84. Ginger - BPS REDRUM hits the deck!
  85. Rust!! There is rust on my baby
  86. Drum Lid Question
  87. Jumpin in head first!
  88. Finished my 1st BPS!
  89. Hanging Ribs?
  90. Questions before I decide
  91. Waiting on Kit
  92. Cold Smoking
  93. Big Poppa Smoker Kit Ordered
  94. First Post: Build complete
  95. question regarding the BPS UDS Kit thermometer
  96. coal basket ash pan attachment
  97. Kit ordered, slight mod question
  98. it's coming!!!
  99. Modified Big Poppa Drum Smoker
  100. Hunsaker Smokers Vortex Firebasket in my BPS REDRUM
  101. Painting and drilling
  102. Finally got a nice day
  103. UDS Mod
  104. Painting
  105. Drum complete!
  106. Most Common Modifications
  107. New drum complete
  108. Very new with this smoker
  109. Build Questions
  110. Starting my kit
  111. BBQ Vortex
  112. BPS done but lid is bent
  113. New guy here ...
  114. Big poppa install query
  115. Temp Probes Issues?
  116. Sanblasting or burning
  117. Finished my first BPS
  118. Patience please with a newbie
  119. Ribbed barrel w/ Big Poppa kit?
  120. New build completed!
  121. My first build. Thanks MrAdam!
  122. BPS cooks
  123. How did it start?
  124. Charcoal Nest Rusted Out
  125. Bps charcoal nest burn time?