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  1. Drum Spatchcock Turkey
  2. Drum Reverse Seared Prime Flatiron Steak
  3. Pulled Pork
  4. Mesquite Smoked Brisket on the Drum
  5. Game Hens and Bacon Potatoes
  6. Ursula's1st cook
  7. drum smoked prime rib
  8. snacky poo's
  9. friday afternoon lunch
  10. 20 chickens had to die for the 49ers
  11. Ursula vs Mrs Sparky
  12. Teariaki Seared Ahi with Avocado
  13. Cut up whole chicken
  14. Fried Potato Smoked Bacon Breakfast Fatty
  15. need rib help
  16. Westminster Comp Dinner. BPS Drum Reverse Seared Aged Rib Eyes!
  17. i told ya i figure it out!
  18. Just some chicken with Big Poppa's Money rub and Plowboys 180 sauce
  19. dinner w/ Ursula
  20. Beef and Bird Practice
  21. death by bacon
  22. check out Ursula's butt
  23. Tri Tip on the drum by new Grandpa Jimbo,,
  24. Brisket on the BPS Drum
  25. its thursday, must be rib time
  26. bacon wrapped hot dogs
  27. First Cook On The BPS Drum Kit...Tri-Tip
  28. Beef Ribs
  29. Chicken and Chops
  30. Beef Short Ribs-n-Corn
  31. Smoked Duck ......
  32. "Reverse Indirect Seared' Kurobuta Pork Chops
  33. Ursula & ribs
  34. Butts, Backs, ABTs & Pig Candy
  35. Johnny Trigg wanted drum Tri Tip....
  36. Mad Hunky Spares
  37. sunday ribs
  38. i just had too
  39. Strube Ranch Mishima Beef Tenderloin Hot and fast
  40. i'm not fat
  41. Pineapple Teriaki Swordfish and Bacon Wrapped Giant Prawns
  42. Lucile & Ursula vs the fam (wife and evil daughter)
  43. MIxed grill on the Drum!
  44. pretty pretty princess
  45. Bo's 1st cook
  46. breakfast was over and i still had hot coals
  47. Dinner is served
  48. BS Comp Ribs
  49. bacon wrapped stuffed chicken
  50. Did a halibut dish that I usually do indoors Halibut and artichokes
  51. the wheels are turning / tri dogs
  52. Stuff cooked on a drum smoker
  53. Beef Ribs
  54. Smoked Chuck on Indian Fry Bread
  55. Gluten Free Stuffed Peppers
  56. The Making of the Big Poppa Smokers Mobile Strategic Command Center
  57. Smoked Quail and Wild Rice
  58. Drum vs MAK for BB's
  59. Big Poppa Double Secret Prime Rib on the drum
  60. Chicken Cooker
  61. Smoked Tri Tip
  62. 2 day adventure for comfort food.
  63. chops and fish
  64. simple prime rib eyes
  65. Easy Night on the Drum
  66. First brisky on our drum
  67. Turkey drumsticks
  68. Baby back and crab stuffed Jalapenos
  69. First Drum Smoke--->Chicken
  70. Reverse Seared Strube Mishima Tenderloin with Mushrooms and Onions
  71. Drum chicken!
  72. Venison-Beef Snack Sticks on the BPS UDS
  73. Just some pulled pork sammies :)
  74. Posting your own images on the forum showing the current process on Photobucket
  75. Blue Skies Rib Cook
  76. Smoked Salmon chowder with UDS apple crisp
  77. Prime Flat Iron Reverse seared from the top position
  78. Spinning Chicken on the Drum
  79. Hurricane Party at Work---> Ribs and Fattys
  80. BP drum smoked prime rib at Santa Anita cookoff 10/27/12
  81. Something Scary for Halloween :)
  82. Mixed grill cooking lesson on the drum
  83. A Beef Cheek Chili Relleno Bake
  84. Tritip and rack of lamb on the drum
  85. Ribeye steaks on the drum!
  86. Laughlin Nevada Comp dinner...Nice prime Rib Eyes!
  87. Meat Man and I tackle a Turkey at the Laughlin Comp
  88. Bacon Dressed Meatloaf and Cheatin Onions
  89. BPS drum vs Pellet cooker: Turkey battle
  90. Brisket and Ribs
  91. Yet another deflector idea
  92. Stuffed Shrimp and Tritip on a drum
  93. Brussel Sprouts
  94. Some kind og armadillon egg ?
  95. Even yet another deflector?
  96. Now I really do have a UDS
  97. Thanksgiving Baby Back Ribs
  98. Boston Butt Help!!!
  99. Smoked rib roast on a drum and BP's smoked jalapeno scalloped taters in a MAK, oh my!
  100. Panko Crusted Chicken breast
  101. Simply Marvelous Big Poppa Tri Tip on the drum
  102. Pecan smoked pork chops stuffed with italian sausage & cheese
  103. Using the Marinade Express
  104. ABT's off a drum!
  105. Smoked Pecan Butter Turkey (Pron)
  106. Drum Roasted Peppers and Smoked Tomato soup
  107. Wednesday Night dinner
  108. Ribeye hammer chops on the drum
  109. Pork Butt.....PICS
  110. King of the Smokers Photos
  111. Lime Fajitas on the drum (-15*C)
  112. The best meatloaf on the planet!
  113. Hopefully this posts my first smoke picture!
  114. Pork ribs!!
  115. Goulash on the drum
  116. Big Poppa's Sriracha Tritip Sandwich with homemade Cream of Tomato soup
  117. Pork Tenderloin Stuffed?
  118. Pork Roast
  119. Chicken thighs for lunch
  120. Pre Christmas Prim Rib
  121. Withdrawal Cook... Chick Thighs
  122. Fireplace Vegetable and Dumpling Stew
  123. First Post, Lamb
  124. Firewire veggies and steak
  125. Pork Butt!!!!
  126. Jalapeno Cornbread Stuffed Chops with Hoppin' John
  127. Smoked Meatloaf and Tri-Tip
  128. Regular Meatloaf
  129. Practice Comp Thighs on the Drum
  130. Hot and Cold Smoking with James Beard Winning Chef Jimmy Schmidt
  131. A couple of hams
  132. Prime Tri Tip with Johnny Trigg
  133. Rack of Lamb Super Bowl Appies
  134. Strube Ranch Texas Wagyu Flat Iron Steaks!
  135. Slap Yo Daddy Chicken
  136. Another Breakfast Fatty on the Drum
  137. Tritip and Lobster off the drum
  138. Chicken Mole over Arroz Rojo
  139. The Past Month's Smoking Adventures: Trout, Salmon, and Spiral Thing
  140. Pork loin with apple and goat cheese stuffing
  141. My first attempt at ABT's on the drum.
  142. Another first for me. Baby backs!
  143. Slap Yo Daddy Chicken on the Drum
  144. Mustard's Grill: Hanger Steak with Onion Jam and Watercress Sauce
  145. Chicken today, ribs tomorrow
  146. Show me the money...
  147. Tri-tip on the drum
  148. First time ever!
  149. South of the Border Surf and Turf
  150. Tri-Tip
  151. Fish on the Drum
  152. Smoked a ham on the drum
  153. Spatchcock chicken
  154. Pulled Pork
  155. BBQ Shepherds Pie
  156. Brisket
  157. beef Tenderloin
  158. Mixed grill
  159. Pulled Beef Chuck on Beer Bread
  160. Some Beef Ribs and the Lake
  161. Surf and Turf and Turf
  162. Pork Steaks
  163. Mongolian Pork Chops
  164. Babybaks most tender I had
  165. Meatballs on the drum
  166. A BPS "Money" Brisket
  167. Pork Tenderlion - braid - BPS rubbed
  168. Chicken balls and thigs
  169. Borgers & ABT monday
  170. Lime fajitas with BBQ pineapple
  171. ABT for fotball evening or lunch
  172. Moink balls
  173. Jalapeno pork chops
  174. Prime Flat Iron Drum Seared Tacos
  175. Ribeye firs time ever!
  176. new yorks smoked not seared and foil pouch artichokes
  177. drum chicken is the best!
  178. Planked salmon on the drum :)
  179. What to cook next?
  180. A Jallelujah Jalapeno Bass
  181. Just some Beef Ribs n Spam
  182. Pulled Beef Stuffed Anaheims on the drum...
  183. Carne Asada, Buffalo Tritip, Regular Tritip, Balsamic Vinegar Tritip and Chicken
  184. 104 outside but still cooking
  185. Smoking Bread and other fun things
  186. Ideas for leftover pulled pork?
  187. playing with some new spices on Tri tip
  188. Chicken Wings!
  189. What did you cook this weekend? I cooked Steak Chicken and Tri tip and corn
  190. New SS Drum
  191. pictures of completed powder coated EDS with additional Big Poppa Gear
  192. Second Cook on Big Poppa EDS, first attempt at reverse sear
  193. Third Cook on drum; Pulled pork
  194. Smoked butt!
  195. leftover pulled pork pizza
  196. First Salmon in the drum
  197. Some recent cooks
  198. A few more recent cooks
  199. Beef ribs
  200. Hot Tub Hens and Tatoe Corn Cakes
  201. Steakhouse style burger
  202. corn on the cob
  203. Smoked Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread!
  204. BPS Skirt steak
  205. Grilled Veggies
  206. Grilled Peaches
  207. Working on perfecting my Salmon recipe. And some turds
  208. Drum Smoker Cold Smoker Box - Smoked Mozzarella
  209. Pulled Pork Pizza, with smoked mozzarella
  210. Shepherd's Pie with leftover brisket
  211. Meatballs
  212. Inaugural run
  213. Tamed the beast!
  214. Drum Smoker Cold Smoker Box - Beef Jerky
  215. Buffalo style thighs
  216. Just burgers
  217. First Brisket
  218. Ribeye and baked potato
  219. Fajitas!
  220. Smoked Pekin Duck
  221. Spiral Thing Sequel, Tri Tips, Salmon and Ribs
  222. I love Spatchcock Chicken on the Drum
  223. Last minute pork butts
  224. pepper stout beef
  225. stuffed pork loin roast
  226. comp style chicken
  227. Butts on the drum
  228. Ribeye!
  229. Brisket and salmon
  230. West Coast Offense pack
  231. 1st Birthday Smoked Pork Shoulder
  232. Anooooother Tritip
  233. How to spend your day off!
  234. gameday brisket-all night cook
  235. St. Louis Spares
  236. I want my baby back!
  237. First Ever St. Louis Ribs!
  238. Tips for lunch!
  239. 2nd brisket on the drum
  240. Boston Butt 10/26/13
  241. 1st KCBS Comp Hillbilly Hog BBQ Throwdown
  242. Smoked Chili two ways
  243. Chicken thighs!
  244. Makin Bacon
  245. Chicken on the drum
  246. My 1st 2 Cooks.
  247. St. Louis Spares- wet
  248. Tri tip time
  249. Rib tips
  250. Stuffed Chops and Peach Cobbler