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  1. Thanks for DrumSmoking forums
  2. Thanks for DrumSmoking forums
  3. Who's who
  4. Already some friendly faces!
  5. Hey Sparky
  6. Hey! Who is behind this Drumsmoking.com?
  7. Drum Smoker Features
  8. just ordered my kit!
  9. Whats the best thing you have cooked on your drum?
  10. Noob question: What are the advantages of drum smoking vs. pellet smoking?
  11. Sparky, You made ribs yet on Ursula?
  12. Thank you BP!!
  13. Hey Tell Your Smokin Friends About this site!
  14. heat deflector or not?
  15. Fire management on de drum
  16. New BPS Engineered Stainless Steel UDS
  17. Howdy fellas
  18. Drum vs. WSM
  19. Drum Prep Methods?
  20. FAQ's Of Drum Smoking
  21. Drum Kit Ordered
  22. Clucker Dust recipe
  23. Best charcoal and best lump
  24. Rib Eye Roast
  25. Thinking of building a drum smoker...
  26. Anyone ever smoke a turkey ?
  27. Sandblasting Pricing?
  28. Guru and Stoker on the drum high heat
  29. Drum is built and smoking!
  30. Lid seal
  31. Drums spotted in the wild streets of Springfield..
  32. Beef Short Ribs
  33. Meatball's !!!!!
  34. Different techniques for cooking on a drum
  35. Tips on Drum Cooking
  36. Working on building my own UDS...
  37. hows everyone liking their drum?
  38. Crab legs, steaks and apple crisp
  39. problem w/ family
  40. Ok.. ready to get started!
  41. nugget rib cook-off: best of the rest
  42. Drum preparation...
  43. Meathead gives the BPS Drum kit a Gold award
  44. tell a friend!
  45. Introducing Big Red
  46. My first Fatty
  47. Drum High temp
  48. Bear
  49. BPS analog thermometer needs adjusting
  50. Built our Drum, finally
  51. Tips on repainting a UDS
  52. First victim on my UDS was..............chicken!!
  53. Question
  54. Pulled pork temp ?
  55. Drum sighting in Norcal
  56. Cheese
  57. Newbie Question about Inside Diameter of drum
  58. BPS drum cover??
  59. Let the Games Begin!!
  60. Upgrade: ash catcher
  61. DIY Heat deflector/fat diverter
  62. ON the Rempe Show tonight 10-9-12
  63. New to the forum and drum smoking!
  64. Best time of year to stock up!
  65. BPS drum part of the Grand Champion team at 2012 American Royal Invitational!
  66. Setting up for a long cook....how?
  67. High temp/Rocket searing in the EDS coal basket
  68. Through drum cable port mods
  69. Welcome Scooter as our newest Mod
  70. New Ribs..New Rub..New Gear...Lots of RAIN !!!
  71. Start of my BPS Adventure :)
  72. Quick, clean and cost effective charcoal lighting
  73. Water Pan and Probe Mod
  74. Cold Weather Smokin' Blues
  75. GrillGrates as Deflector?
  76. Smoked chicken, drum style!
  77. Hey you Lurkin? Come on in! sign up and join the fun
  78. Stoking the fire
  79. Howdee folks
  80. Happy Halloween!
  81. Making the cut
  82. Dreaded Red Liner -- Opinions?
  83. Got my BPS American Royal GC Rub Pack...
  84. Exotic meats
  85. Drum Cover
  86. What's smoking this weekend?
  87. I love brisket!
  88. Tapatalk
  89. I like big butts and I cannot lie!
  90. Anyone Dry Cure Bacon?
  91. UDS and OTS First Snowball Fight
  92. BBQ weekend part 1: Catering the Wounded Warrior Project Benefit Gala
  93. BBQ weekend part 2: Drum smoking 4 racks of lamb for my entire immediate family
  94. Little pig
  95. How often do people use their smokers?
  96. Sunglasses (Off topic)
  97. Norwegian Christmas dish - from stove to drum. ( My way on the BBQ)
  98. Another way to control temp
  99. My UDS and a few smokes
  100. On the fence
  101. Turkey Time
  102. King of the Smoker and the website is updated!
  103. Big Poppa Smokers and SImply Marvelous Team Up
  104. Big Poppa Smokers now accepts Pay Pal!
  105. Any drum dolly recommendations?
  106. The Kit Has Been Ordered
  107. How did you clean your drum?
  108. Big Poppa Kit or Not?
  109. Chuck Steak and Tenderloins
  110. Newbie Drum Smoker from Texas
  111. Problems Cooking on the UDS
  112. Pulled the Trigger on BP Kit
  113. 55 Gal. Drums Found
  114. Presentation
  115. Thanksgiving
  116. welcome section
  117. Lamb chops
  118. Ribs
  119. Powder Coating Drum
  120. Being bold is conducting your first smoke on Thanksgiving Day!!
  121. any turkeys?
  122. So here is the smoker
  123. Best Smoking/Cooking book for Winter Read
  124. Reverse sear.
  125. Ribbed or Non-Ribbed Drum?
  126. It is here
  127. BPS Kit Has Arrived!
  128. What's smokin?
  129. Got A Drum
  130. Apple Chunks
  131. First UDS Smoker
  132. Smoking Wild Game??
  133. Seasoning/Curing Drum Questions
  134. WSM vs UDS
  135. Vote for Cowgirl for 2012 Best Food Blogger
  136. KOS pics
  137. Whats your method for starting coals
  138. Not So Sneaky Wife and Christmas Present
  139. Bison help!
  140. BBQ Guro PartyQ Temp. Controller
  141. Cold smoking
  142. The but is in the fridge.
  143. Yard Bird On The Drum
  144. A litle hjelper to clean my drum :)
  145. My pellet smokers say I'm cheating
  146. Johnny Trigg Class at BPS!!!!!!
  147. Limited Number of Drum Kits are in stock!!!
  148. Early Christmas present
  149. Lump Coal
  150. Baby Backs
  151. Cowgirl, You holding out on us?
  152. Merry Christmas
  153. Hey Scooter
  154. Ok who used their drum for Christmas?
  155. Ernie Ball/Big Poppa
  156. How much charcoal to start with???
  157. Hanging food?
  158. First Post
  159. Happy new year :)
  160. Cast, Hooked, Landed!
  161. Trout on the drum
  162. Rotisserie Kit
  163. Drum Smoker = 7th Place Pork at 3rd Annual Wild, Wild West BBQ Comp in Lake Elsinore
  164. Any BBQ Guru PartyQ Users Out There?
  165. Pitmaster IQue 110 - Any users out there
  166. Picnic Shoulder
  167. Drum Got New Shoes
  168. BBQ truck stops
  169. Lowest Outside Temperature For Practical Drum Cooking
  170. Smoking withdrawals!!
  171. Pictures of first attempt
  172. 2nd attempt-success
  173. Guess what? We are trendy Just ask the New York Times
  174. Heat Deflector
  175. Beautiful Smokin' Day in South GA
  176. Quick UDS build question
  177. St Louis On The Drum
  178. Drum choice questions
  179. Check out the artists Knife Infographic!
  180. Vote for your favorite charcoal grill and rubs on about.com's readers poll
  181. Brisket Cook W/Water Pan
  182. Got my kit!
  183. VOte for PigSkin in the Tyson Best Wings on the Planet Contest!
  184. Brisket on the UDS using IQ 110
  185. Rod Gray Pellet Envy Class First time on the West coast!
  186. Super Bowl
  187. Super Bowl Dinner
  188. Thermometers
  189. BPS is putting Frogmats on sale!
  190. Smoking a large amount of meat on UDS
  191. Little Help
  192. Chicken on The Drum
  193. Dry Ribs
  194. Happy Birthday Scooter!
  195. Happy birthday Kristen!!!
  196. My drum build pics
  197. Kristen's Birthday
  198. Heading to the Houston Livestock BBQ!
  199. Ladies & Gentlemen...
  200. Pork On The Drum
  201. grate temps
  202. First dance w/MaryJane
  203. Vote for Money Rub and BPS Drum Smoker on about.com
  204. Finally!! Time to Smoke!!
  205. Hey Its a dog fight for amout.coms best rub PLEASE VOTE
  206. How much wood?
  207. Frontier Hardwood Lump @ BJ's
  208. Eye Round Roast On The Drum
  209. Darren of Iowa Smokey D's WIns GC with BPS Drum
  210. S.S. Drum
  211. Hey I put a Guru on my BPS DRUM!
  212. Big Poppa Smokers Sweet Money Rub hits the Shelves
  213. Ok Kids...who wants a free jar of the new sweet money rub?
  214. Show me the "Money"!
  215. Agave nectar vs. honey
  216. My Bid for the "Sweet Money"
  217. Heat deflector. Yes or No?
  218. Look What I Got Yesterday
  219. Help Big Poppa VOte for my rub Its fallen to second!
  220. Steve Morse
  221. Highest acceptacle IT
  222. Curing and smoking ham
  223. Lets Talk Charcoal
  224. questions about stainless drum
  225. New to uds
  226. Brining Chicken
  227. Help Big Poppa Last day to Vote Help Please
  228. Hey Chris Lilly needs our help
  229. Thanks BP
  230. New Family Member
  231. How much char coal
  232. Pulled pork advice for the rookie...
  233. Building my BPS and first cook
  234. FINALLY Finished my BPS Drum
  235. A few preEaster goodies
  236. Drum lids
  237. "Sweet Money"
  238. BJ's Brewhouse testing Big Poppa BBQ!
  239. cook time
  240. Finished my drum
  241. Got Beef
  242. Harry Soo cooks on a King of the Smoker trophy Drum at Wildomar
  243. Big Poppa's 2 Ingredient Guacamole!
  244. Additional cooking levels on my UDS?
  245. Heat deflector hieght/ second cooking shelf
  246. BPS Unveils new Brand Ambassador Program!
  247. Pellets in Drums?
  248. How long for Tri Tip
  249. Small Shelf for UDS-For temp displays, etc
  250. First Pork Butt